The Unconventional Teacher Becomes Eclectic Writer

In one form or another, I’ve been a writer ever since fifth grade when I wrote a story about a thousand-pound, eleventh-century English peasant, who rolled down a hill, broke through the walls of a city in the Holy Land, and won the day for the Crusaders.

The teacher liked the story. The kids loved it enough to make me a classroom celebrity for a week, and I was hooked! No matter what I did afterwards, writing was always a part of my life.

From the very beginning of my 35 year teaching career, I used stories whenever I could to get kids interested in learning. It worked often enough that kids and parents asked to be in my class. My classes were so unique and different, one of my supervisors started calling me, “The Unconventional Teacher.” I kind of like the title and proudly claim it.

When I retired I guess it was only a matter of time before I’d decide to start writing again. But that’s a story best told on the About Page.

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