Jesus and Me Revealed By Angelo His Guardian Angel by Ted D. Sugges is a heartwarming novel envisioning what it would be like to be with our Savior and Lord, the God-Man, Jesus Christ, as He grew up from birth until He began His ministry of three years before His Crucifixion and Resurrection. I truly enjoyed reading this fictional novel as told through the eyes of His guardian angel, Angelo Custos.

Ted reveals the true humanity of our Lord as He grew to discover His spiritual mission to do God’s Holy Will, and pay for all our sins on the Cross of Calvary. Ted not only vividly portrays the human battle of life in those days, but also gives a very realistic account of the spiritual battle between guardian angels and the demons.

In one chapter, Ted tenderly gives an account of the family sleeping on the roof due to heat and humidity inside. Joseph makes the decision and the children form a line to pass their bedrolls, one to the other, up to the rooftop. Then, in the fashion of The Waltons, they all start to say good night to their neighbors and each other. Joseph finally concludes loudly:

“Good night, everybody!”

I truly believe this is a delightful Christian novel that the entire family will enjoy reading and I recommend it highly.


—Rev. Robert S. Coats, Retired American Baptist Churches of U.S.A., Pastor, Valley Forge, PA


No matter what your religious beliefs or upbringing, Jesus and Me, a novel by Ted Sugges, is a book well worth reading.

Although highly entertaining, the story is obviously a meticulously researched story which documents the hardships, joys and sorrows of this time in history. The story is recounted by Angelo Custos, a guardian angel appointed by God to watch over Jesus, but never to interfere with Jesus’ human development. The book explores life with Jesus as he grows and matures from birth to the night before the beginning of his ministry.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this first book by Ted Sugges, and look forward to additional adventures of Angelo Custos, and other historical characters that Ted will, no doubt, author with similar style and ardor.


—Rabbi Arthur Gartenlaub, Chavurah Temple Beth El – Co-Op City, Bronx, NY.


Jesus and Me, by Ted D. Sugges, is a hard-to- put-down story about Our Lord’s life before His ministry. Ted uses Angelo Custos, the archangel assigned as Jesus’ guardian angel, and narrator of the story, to draw pictures with words that made me feel like an active character in the story rather than a passive reader.

Like Mary sitting at her loom, Ted used Jesus’ life experiences that would later become His parables, as well as His family, friends and enemies, like quality yarn to weave a beautifully written Christian story I’m happy to recommend without reservation.


—Charles Gunn, Universal Catholic Church


Jesus and Me, written by Ted Sugges, is a cleverly written fictional account of the unknown years of Jesus Christ’s life.

Ted’s attention to detail and charming storytelling brings that era of history to life in such a way I am happy to recommend it to anyone interested in what it might have been like to know Jesus during His formative years.


—Rev. James A. Rude, SJ, co-editor of the Central Valley Catholic Life