Christmas Time Babies
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Today, December 24 is my Dad’s birthday.

I have often felt sorry for my Dad and anyone else who was born around Christmas. Everyone else has their own day, and all the gifts that are given are just for them. They rarely, if ever, have to share their celebration with someone else.

But Christmas time babies celebrate with everyone – even non-Christians.

I remember the old James Cagney movie, Yankee Doodle Dandy,  where his character was born on July 4 and it wasn’t until he got older that he realized everyone was not celebrating his birthday.

Christmas Babies don’t have that luxury. They know, almost from the very beginning, that not everyone is celebrating their day. It’s that kid in Bethlehem born over 2000 years ago. And everyone is getting a gift – not just them.  It doesn’t help any when their kid brother or sister is born on … say June24… and family and friends celebrate their day with a special cake , and, as they get older, they have parties in which their friends give them gifts – just for them.

I always thought Dad got cheated out of a special day – just for him.

My cousin, Pat, celebrated her birthday on the 26th of March – one day before my B’day. But our parents didn’t celebrate our birthdays together. We gave each other B’day gifts afterward or before, but our parties were never under the same roof.

But something happened a little more than 10 years ago that made me wonder if I got it all wrong.

I never met anyone who was born on my B’day until our nephew married a beautiful girl from Oregon. Her family is magical! I’ve never met people like them before or since. When I met Kerri’s family for the first time, her father gave me the greatest bear hug I have ever received.  It was around the fourth of July, and the whole family – from grandparents to grandchildren – was there, and the whole house was filled with the raucous laughter of adults and the tittering giggles of girls and boys. I had never seen so many people together who obviously loved and cherished each other, and I have never felt more accepted!

But there was something else that was special about this family… birthdays.

Kerri celebrates her birthday with Joey, her younger brother, and Jere, our nephew, celebrates with his father-in-law, Joe. That meant Shawna, Kerri’s, gorgeous older sister, was left out in the cold with her very own birthday.  It didn’t take long before the 2 Aries began taking notes on each other. Although a couple of decades separate us, Shawna and I were born on March 27! I discovered the joy of sharing something very special  … my – our – birthday!

There’s something intimate about sharing your birthday that’s hard to explain.  The day is uniquely yours and theirs… It’s more like a joining than a sharing. No one can take that away from either of you.

So Christmas Babies – see the special gift you’ve been given! Who better to share your Birthday with than Jesus?  How lucky you are to be joined with Him in such a special way!

  I envy you!

My most sincere best wishes – Happy Birthday to you and Jesus! Enjoy Your Day!

The rest of us will just have to settle for a Merry and Blessed Christmas!


Carmen and Ted Sugges

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