I screwed up
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I must confess. I screwed up.
For the past several years I have not done what a good business person is supposed to do. I was brought up to do things for others quietly, and not make a big deal about it.
Helping a family by buying them food once a month is fine. It really is just between you and them, and telling others what you’re doing can be interpreted as bragging. Jesus preached against that.
But sometimes keeping things to yourself isn’t such a good idea. You rob others of the opportunity of helping people.
I have not told anyone that a dollar from every sale of the physical, printed book, “Jesus and Me Revealed By Angelo His Guardian Angel” goes to a variety of American charity organizations.
In the next couple of days I will list other organizations that receive periodic donations from the sales of my book. Some, like this one, are religious – others are not.
Why tell you now?
I got this letter today, and it reminded me of the letter I got a couple of months ago from The Red Cloud Reservation School that needed help in fixing its boilers so the kids might not have to wear their winter jackets in their classrooms to keep warm enough so they could concentrate on their lessons.
I think my approach was all wrong. If you know about these places in America that are in desperate need of help, you might choose to help them.
You have three choices


You can buy the book knowing a dollar will go to the charities listed  You can donate on your own. Or you can ignore these charities in preference of your own
The point is… you have a choice.
Dear Mr. Sugges,
The problem first surfaced when one of the staff at our Sacred Heart School noticed the kids weren’t bringing a lunch to school. Pulling Carol aside the mother of four kids under the age of ten painfully admitted, “I have no food in the house.” Like so many of our families Carol and her husband both work and they need every penny to keep things together. When Carol broke her wrist she was unable to work for six weeks. The loss of her wages put the family in a financial tailspin. Fortunately a quick call to our Walls Social Service office addressed the situation. We were able to provide Carol with an extra-large Thanksgiving basket to make sure the kids had food. Through eyes full of tears she told us how grateful she is. We’ll follow up with continued help until the family is able to get back on their feet.
This last Saturday we distributed hundreds and hundreds of food baskets to families just like Carol’s. Good people who work on hard but live on the edge. Often it just takes some small hiccup to throw their lives into chaos. It is because of YOU that we are able to be there with a helping hand at these critical moments!
As we enter this holiday season I want to thank you so much for your very generous support. So many lives are touched because of you. I hope you experience the joy and hope of this blessed season because YOU bring joy and hope to so many here!
Please know that we will keep you, your family and your intentions in our prayers here every day!
Happy Thanksgiving,
Steve Koepke
Director of Donor Relations
Sacred Heart Southern Missions
6050 Highway 161
Walls MS 38680
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