Christmas Babies of ALL AGES

92 years ago today, December 24, a boy child was born to Mary and Charles Sudzius (Sugges) in the town of Hillside, NJ.
I always felt sorry for my Dad, because his birthday came on Christmas Eve – a time when people were celebrating someone else’s birthday. How confusing it must been as a child. Everybody else had a special day all to themselves but his day had to be shared, it must have seemed, with the rest of the world. Birthday gifts were combined with Christmas gifts for everyone – he didn’t have a special day all to himself. So I felt sorry for him and everyone I’ve ever known who was born around this time.

But maybe I was wrong to feel that way.

I’m always delighted when I find someone who was born around March 27 – my b’day – it meant we had something in common that no one could take away from us. So maybe he and those of you who celebrate your birthdays during the Christmas season 12/01 – 1/15 actually have a lot more to celebrate than the rest of us.

Look at who shares your birthday! How wonderful it must be to have something so special that no one can ever take away

You share your birthday with the Son of God and our savior. You are so very lucky!

So Happy Birthday to you Christmas babies and Merry Christmas to everyone else!

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